At times during the year, the children do a variety of arts and crafts as a project.  The theme of the project coordinates with the religious objective being taught.

     We praise God with songs and movements.  Movement is encouraged during this part of our class.  Each week we gather in a circle and sing a Thank You song that thanks God and welcomes each child by name to class.  We also sing other traditional songs that incorporate hand movements and teach basic objectives of our faith.

     Scripture Readings and a reflection each week are based on a simple Bible story.  Children are strongly encouraged to share what they know and respond to new information being taught.  Connections between Bible times and the challenges the children experience now are made.

Blessing and Snack

     Before snack children say a blessing thanking God for the snack they are about to eat.  They are encouraged to say a blessing at home as well before each meal.

Prayer and Special Intentions

     At the end of each class the children move to the corner of the room called a Prayer Corner.  The area is arranged in such a way to promote quiet prayer and reflection.  Children are given the opportunity to request prayers said for special intentions (e.g. sick relatives, problem in school).  It is this time we recite, as a group, the following prayers: the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be.  By praying these same prayers every week and praying them at home the children begin to learn them by heart.