One of the major topics we learn about is, "Marks of the Church".  The children have an opportunity to truly understand that our Church is united as One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. We examine each mark separately and complete the lesson with an activity to reinforce what was learned.  The children are required to learn the Apostles Creed.  We also learn about other types and ways to pray.

     The class spends time learning about the importance of the Seven Sacraments and how they are grouped into three categories of Initiation, Healing, and Calling.

     Mary, the Mother of God is an important part of our class.  We learn about Mary and how to pray the Rosary.

     At Thanksgiving the children make their own Cornucopias showing all the things for which they are thankful to God.  The children use them at home as a centerpiece for their Thanksgiving table.

     In Advent the children learn how to prepare for Jesus' Birth.  The children make their own Advent wreath to take home.

     At Christmas we focus on the Birth of Jesus and how Jesus is the most important person during Christmas.

     In Lent we spend time learning about the importance of this season and what we as Catholics need to do during Lent.  The children make their own cross and write on the cross exactly what they are going to do during Lent to become closer to Jesus.

     The important part of third grade is that the children learn more when they are interacting and having fun.  Our class is a very hands-on class with lots of activities to reinforce the curriculum of the class.